Cultural organisations working together to secure our venues and ensure a safe and enjoyable visit for our visitors.

For the visiting public.

The National Museum Security Group (UK) provides an immediate and secure means for security teams from cultural organisations across the UK to share intelligence and communicate with each other. We aim to reduce crime at our venues and reduce the fear of crime for our visitors. Our highly trained team is able to share images of criminal suspects and help victims of crime by providing immediate assistance and online communication with the police.

Securing our national heritage

The group members have within their collections many items of significant national and international importance. Most of us are committed to providing public access to our collections, whilst retaining the responsibility to keep the objects safe and secure. The National Museum Security Group (UK) provides a communications link for security professionals to share images, enabling a fast and effective response to any incident. By sharing intelligence with our members in this way, we are able to identify emerging threats and adjust our security responses appropriately.